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Please notify the School Nurse or Health Assistant of any significant medical conditions that may need special consideration or additional attention during the school day.

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The school’s health room is staffed by the Health Assistant who will service the day-to-day needs of the students.  The Health Assistant works in conjunction with an RN to address the requirements of students.  

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We ask that you do not send your child to school if your child has vomited or experiences diarrhea in the last 48 hours, your child has had a fever of 100 degrees or higher in the last 24 hours, or if your child has any contagious illness (i.e chicken pox, pink eye, strep, measles, upper respiratory infection, or impetigo).  


A student will be sent home for the following:

If your child needs to be sent home:


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Most injuries that occur at school require minimal assistance administered in the school’s Health Room by the school’s designated Health Assistant.


In the event of more serious illness or accidents, we will first attempt to reach the parent(s)/guardian(s) at home or work. If we are unable to reach you, we will call the emergency numbers listed on your child’s enrollment form. If neither you nor your emergency contacts can be reached within a reasonable amount of time, school authorities will take the necessary steps to ensure the welfare of your child. In the most serious instances, school staff may contact emergency medical personnel prior to calling parents or emergency contacts. 

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Each student must have local emergency contact information up to date in Infinite Campus indicating persons to be called in case of illness or emergency. It is important that the school be informed of home or work phone numbers or other contact numbers that change. Also, a contact person other than the parents must be listed. This person must live within a reasonable proximity to the school and be able to pick up the student in case of emergency.

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Prescription and over the counter medication will be administered to students at school only at the specific written request of the student’s parent or guardian, and with the written authorization of the student’s health care provider.

If a student must receive prescription or over the counter medication during school hours, the parent or guardian shall furnish the medication. Prescription medication must be in the original pharmacy labeled container. The label shall state the student’s name, medication, dosage, number and/or time(s) of dosages per day and name of the prescribing health care provider. Over the counter medication must be in its original packaging. A parent or guardian may deliver medication to the school during school hours.

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Colorado law requires students who attend a public, private, or parochial kindergarten - 12th-grade school to be vaccinated against many of the diseases that vaccines can prevent unless a Certificate of Exemption is filed.  For more information, visit  Your student must be vaccinated against:

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Douglas County does not have specific Covid guidelines this year. If you have questions, please refer to the CDC guidelines

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