Facility Rentals

Facility Use at Parker Core Knowledge

We welcome and encourage community members to consider renting facilities at Parker Core Knowledge (PCK) for group activities. PCK facilities are available after school hours for programs, prioritizing:

  1. PCK activities and athletics;

  2. Activities and athletics participated in by PCK students or families;

  3. Other teams, clubs, public.


  1. Gym – We have a regulation-sized premium hardwood court which breaks down into two youth-sized courts for basketball and volleyball. Hoops are height adjustable and volleyball nets are available upon request. The gymnasium offers spectator bleacher seating and a divider curtain to separate each of the two small courts. Gymnasium Rules

  1. Artificial Turf Field – We have an 8v8 sized (114’ X 195’) outdoor artificial turf field with regulation sized 8v8 goals (6.5’ X 18.5’). Artificial Turf Rules

Rental Rate Schedule

Instructions for Rentals

  1. Review this policy (PCK Facility Rental Policy) in its entirety,

  2. Complete the application to be a registered renter,

  3. Email rentals@ckcs.net with your request.

    1. Include dates, times, and which facilities you expect to rent;

    2. Submit 501(c)(3) documentation if requesting non-profit rates;

    3. Submit proof of insurance.

  4. Pay deposit.


Group Classifications for Rental Rates

  1. Non-Profit Douglas County Youth – Organizations holding legal non-profit tax status, established to primarily serve youth.

  2. PCK Affiliate – At least one current or alumni PCK parent must be present the entire rental period. These parents are responsible for supervising participants, making sure the area is picked up at the end of the rental period, turning off all lights in the rental area, and making sure doors are closed and locked.

  3. Non-Profit Community – Organizations holding legal non-profit tax status, but not established to primarily serve youth.

  4. Commercial – Any organization that does not hold legal non-profit tax status.

  5. Free – 1) PCK clubs and/or activities that benefit PCK students, staff, and/or parents exclusively, 2) governmental elections, 3) precinct caucuses.

Rental Reservations and Payment


All applications to be an authorized renter must be completed online. Once approved as an authorized renter, field and/or gym rental requests can be made at rentals@ckcs.net. PCK reserves the right to approve and/or deny any requests.


All facility users must submit a $100 deposit (check made payable to Parker Core Knowledge) for each rental agreement in addition to the rental fee. The deposit will be refunded at the end of the rental duration if all terms and conditions are met.


Full payment must be made at the time of reservation. Once the reservation is complete, you will receive an invoice by email. You are not required to book more than one date at a time; however, if you are interested in using a specific day of the week or time of day for a duration longer than a single date, we cannot guarantee availability unless you reserve and pay for all of those dates/times in advance.


If you must cancel a rental event, online cancellations must be made at least 48 hours prior to the start of the rental event in order to avoid any financial obligation. Cancellations after that time may not be eligible for a full rate refund, subject to PCK’s discretion. Deposits are 100% non-refundable in the case of a cancellation made less than 48 hours before the event start date. PCK reserves the right to cancel building use activities should the space be needed for school or school-related activities. This privilege will be used only when necessary as a result of unavoidable circumstances. When school is canceled for emergencies or weather conditions, scheduled community use activities will not be held. If PCK must cancel your event for a PCK scheduling reason or weather, we will refund your deposit and rental payment for the time period canceled. We will do our best to provide adequate notice of any cancellations by PCK.

Proof of Insurance

State law requires non-school sponsored users to carry insurance. PCK requires a combined single limit coverage for bodily injury and property damage. All renters MUST supply a current Certificate of Insurance with policy limits of at least $1,000,000, with Parker Core Knowledge named as “additional insured” (IMPORTANT!!), in order to rent space at PCK. If you intend for someone from your organization to teach PCK students, those individuals must EACH undergo a background check and be fingerprinted at your expense through the Sheriff’s Department. No renter may be regularly in front of PCK students without first obtaining this background check.


PCK works hard to maintain a positive relationship with our neighbors. Parking is allowed in the PCK school parking lot ONLY. Parking anywhere in the Lincoln Creek neighborhood is STRICTLY PROHIBITED. PCK facility renters may NOT park on the surrounding streets or in the neighborhood park parking lot. Doing so may be grounds for immediate cancellation of current and future rentals. It is your responsibility to ensure that ALL of your participants have a copy of the approved parking map.

Approval and Authorization

After approval, a rental confirmation will be emailed. A printed or electronic copy of your approval must be available onsite at the time of all rentals.

Denial of Request

Possible conditions of denial or cancellation of future rentals may include, but are not limited to, the following:

  1. Misuse or abuse of building, facilities, equipment, or grounds;

  2. Violation of federal, state, or municipal laws;

  3. Violation of Douglas County School District or PCK policies or procedures;

  4. Activities that will cause excessive wear or require extensive custodial time;

  5. Failure to follow traffic laws in and around PCK, and failure to park in designated areas (PCK parking lot ONLY).

Facility Use Established by Long-Term Contract

Organizations may rent the school building for church services, Sunday School, or other PCK approved functions under the following guidelines:

  1. Use of the facility is permissible only after school hours and shall be subject to all approval conditions applicable to other organizations.

  2. Facility charge will follow the above mentioned rate schedule unless a monthly/annual use contract is negotiated.

General Requirements

General requirements include, but are not limited to, the following:

  1. Any use of facilities or property shall not create a nuisance or hazard to others.

  2. When the building is occupied, PCK may require a custodian or a PCK authorized representative to be present.

  3. Organizations using the facility shall neither negotiate nor pay any PCK employee directly for services rendered.

  4. Organization/persons using the facility must confine themselves to the space assigned for their use.

  5. Food and drink are prohibited unless approved in the original application.

  6. Alcohol, drugs, tobacco, and weapons are strictly forbidden on PCK property. Violation of this requirement will cause immediate cancellation of the contract and the need to vacate the premises immediately.

  7. No smoking of any kind. No marijuana in any form.

  8. Neither gambling nor unlicensed games of chance shall be allowed.

  9. No supplies or equipment will be stored in school buildings or on school property unless approved.

  10. An adult sponsor, over the age of 21, must be present during all activities.

  11. Students must be involved in the activity to be present or must have parent supervision.

  12. Any excess trash or messes left by renters may be subject to a custodial fee of $25/hr.

  13. All rental fees are payable in advance for the dates specified. Checks or money orders shall be payable to Parker Core Knowledge. Credit cards are accepted online. Rental reservations are not confirmed until payment is received.

  14. Rental charges, as per the rate schedule, will be based on the length of time the facility is used, inclusive of the period preceding and closing the activity.

  15. PCK may assess charges for the use of PCK equipment.

  16. Permission for use of PCK facilities shall not constitute an endorsement of any organization, the beliefs of an organization or group, nor the expression of any opinion regarding the nomination, retention, election, or defeat of any candidate, nor the expression of any opinion as to the passage or defeat of any issue.

  17. No refreshments are to be served or sold on school grounds or in buildings except in appropriate facilities and with prior approval.

  18. The applicant, by signing the building use application, will indemnify the school as to its property and any person whose property may be within the building for loss or damage to such property caused by any person or persons attending the event or any damage or injury arising by reason of the holding of the event.


Revenue from gym and field rental will be used for the following priorities:

  1. Gym and field maintenance;

  2. 10% of annual revenue will be saved for future field replacement (estimated 2027);

  3. Academic enhancement.