Our goal at PCK is to be the premier P-8 school in Colorado, and that means we need premier teachers. We continually accept applications from excellent, committed professionals looking to join our team. The staff at PCK enjoys competitive pay and benefits (100% employee coverage for medical, vision, life insurance, and short-term disability for full-time employees), a supportive administration, and encouragement to pursue continuing education opportunities. We use the acclaimed Core Knowledge curriculum to promote academic excellence while giving grade-level teams the freedom to bring lessons to life in creative and engaging ways. 

US News & World Report 

ranked PCK's elementary and middle schools 

#1 in Douglas County 

and #3 in the state of Colorado for 2022.

PCK was the proud recipient of the 

2016 National Blue Ribbon Schools distinction 

and named a 2017 National School of Character 

(both 5-year awards). 

Every team member, whether it is their enthusiasm, vision, problem-solving abilities, or a mix of these, adds something unique to the Parker Core Knowledge community. Our community of educators spans grades Preschool - 8th grade. While our strengths, perspectives and experiences are diverse, we share a singular purpose — to have a lifelong impact on our kids and community. You can support children at Parker Core Knowledge as they learn how to  change the world.

In addition to our outstanding academics, we also have a vibrant community at PCK. We are grateful for the wonderful families who take good care of us. Guests to our school frequently comment on our friendly faculty and warm atmosphere. If you want to use your skills and strong character to make a difference for the next generation, and PCK sounds like the place you want to be, please click on the "Apply Today" button to see if we are currently interviewing for a position that fits your interest and qualifications.

At PCK, you can help students become critical thinkers, responsible citizens, and future leaders. 


What curriculum do teachers use at PCK? 

We are an official Core Knowledge school and we aim to teach our students cultural literacy through this program. The Core Knowledge curriculum is rich in Literature, Science, History, Geography, Art, and Music. Learn more about this program here

The Core Knowledge Language Arts curriculum, along with Wonders in our primary grades, provides a solid foundation for the acquisition of knowledge and skills in Reading.  As a school, we focus on teaching every student how to write. We know that students will be presenting themselves through their writing in high school, college, and career.  We focus on teaching this skill from Kindergarten through 8th grade using Step Up to Writing building-wide. Other programs and assessments that support Language Arts in our building include Guided Reading, Spalding, Quick Reads, Dibels and Burst, P95, I-Ready, IXL, Sonday and Junior Great Books.

As an advanced curriculum school, we offer not only grade-level Math but also tracks where students learn one (starting in K) and two years ahead (starting in 4th grade). Student placement in math tracks is thoughtfully done by the school and not by parent request. We use the newest version of Into Math in K-6 and Big Ideas in 4th -8th grades.  Our middle school offers Algebra 1 and Geometry courses that align with our neighboring public high schools. We firmly believe that a successful math program offers a balanced approach: students need to not only be fluent in math facts and procedures, they also need to understand what those procedures are doing (mathematical reasoning), how to approach a math question (mathematical analysis), and how to manipulate numbers (mathematical practices). Our students K-8 also use number talks to expand their mathematical reasoning and discussion skills.

We aim to produce students that are confident in Science and understand the importance that science has for our nation and our planet. With that in mind, we have an elementary science lab for K-6th grade and two science labs in middle school where students can apply and manipulate concepts they have learned in the classroom, learn to use scientific instruments, and grow in confidence and enjoyment of this subject matter. We use Core Knowledge Science in K-3, Elevate Science in 4th and 5th grade, and Investigations for 6th-8th grades.

The Core Knowledge Curriculum is rich in the area of History and Geography. Besides the Core Knowledge Curriculum, we use the Splash curriculum in 4th grade and My World in middle school. 

PCK offers a well-rounded education and students attend classes in Music, Art, Technology, Physical Education, and Spanish year-round in all grades. Our Specials programs have the same high-quality requirements as core classes and aim to produce students who can read music and play instruments, recognize important art and music concepts and pieces, are literate in computer science, and can use technology to support work production in any subject area. Our students learn the importance of widening cultural horizons through learning a foreign language, problem-solving, and reasoning skills through multiple coding languages,  and learn that physical well-being is each individual’s responsibility which can be achieved through participation in a wide range of activities from archery and golf, to dancing, and not just through traditional sports. 

What does an average classroom look like at PCK?

At PCK, we have 4 Kindergarten and 1st-grade classrooms with approximately 20 students in each classroom. Starting in 2nd grade, we have three classrooms with 26 students in each group. 

In K-6th grade, each teaching team consists of 3 or 4 teachers with an average of 1 hour of common planning time and additional individual planning time per day. There are seven specialized teachers in our middle school with varying schedules. We have a large team of Specials teachers for Music, Art, Spanish, Technology, and PE, 13 in total.  PCK also has a team of 5 Tier Two Interventionists, an English Language Development teacher and a Gifted Education teacher, and a complete Special Education team.

PCK has a Core Knowledge Preschool with 12 staff members and offers varied schedules for 3 and 4-year-olds.

The classrooms at PCK are full of engaged learners who are supported by an active parent community, passionate and knowledgeable teachers, and a deep support system of interventionists and administration. Students are taught character education starting in our youngest classrooms, allowing our students to respect one another, collaborate effectively, and diligently work through a rigorous academic program. 

The staff’s well-being is of the utmost importance for the administration at PCK, and we have many events for the staff to enjoy during the year. We have a positive, supportive, and joyful community and staff feel at home at PCK. With a nice balance of veteran and new staff, PCK is a place many staff members choose to stay year after year.

What does compensation at PCK look like?

Compensation at PCK is based on competitive market rates for the position, experience, as well as employee performance, and contributions. Teachers may earn stipends for leading departments, clubs, coaching, or other additional duties and may be eligible for performance bonuses. 

Does PCK participate in PERA?

All Parker Core Knowledge employees are members of Colorado Public Employee Retirement Association (PERA). PERA provides retirement and other benefits to the public employees of Colorado and, for many members, is a substitute for social security. PERA is a defined benefit plan (sometimes called a pension plan) which means PERA invests funds on your behalf and then provides a lifetime monthly benefit in retirement. Employees may choose to participate in PERA’s other programs including a defined contribution plan (PERA Plus 401(k) or PERA 457) and/or life insurance program. 

Does PCK offer professional development?

Research continues to show the single most important factor contributing to student achievement is the effectiveness of the educator in the classroom. That makes professional development a priority at PCK. Our professional development is intentional, focused, and relevant. It is data-driven, job-embedded, and measurable in the classroom. Teachers at PCK are always learning and growing in both expertise and technique.

What We Offer

What health care benefits are offered at PCK?

Parker Core Knowledge offers three different medical plans, including a free employee-only option for full-time employees with generously discounted premiums for spouse/dependent coverage. Dental and vision coverage is only a few dollars a month, and PCK provides life insurance and short/long-term disability for all full-time staff.