Please use the button below to register for carpool and receive the appropriate carpool sign indicating your assigned carpool loop and time window. Refer to the following Carpool Flow map for a visual of the process once assigned:  

carpool map

The daily drop-off and pick-up process at PCK is called “Carpool,” even if you only drive your own family. However, we strongly encourage all PCK families to consider driving to school together (traditional carpooling). Sharing the driving with other families saves you time, gas, and helps make our carpool lines shorter. To help you connect with other PCK families in your area who are interested in carpooling, participate in the Way to Go program. 

#1 – Two concurrent carpool loops run during morning drop off and afternoon pick up – one through the north parking lot, entering off Centennial Dr. (North/Centennial Loop) and one through the south lot, entering from Pine Dr. (South/Pine Dr. Loop). Your assigned carpool loop will be the same for both morning drop off and afternoon pick up. Morning drop off begins at 7:35am and ends at 7:55am.

#2 – Each afternoon carpool window will have a specific color-coded sign given out at the fall Open House. Your assigned carpool loop and afternoon pick-up time are determined by the grade of the youngest child in the carpool. Always use the same loop for both drop-off and pick-up. 

Scheduled Pick up times, Arrival Time, & where to arrive for carpool

#3 – All cars must display the appropriate color-coded sign that reflects the designated carpool loop, time, and last name of the youngest rider. ONLY CARS DISPLAYING THE APPROPRIATE COLOR WILL BE ALLOWED INTO THE PARKING LOT DURING EACH CARPOOL WINDOW. This is a critical element in the smooth flow of our process; DO NOT COME EARLY, we are not able to accommodate cars that arrive before their designated shift. Riders will not yet be outside waiting in the loading areas AND there will be nowhere in the parking lot for extra cars to wait.   

#4 – Students will be led outside by the classroom teacher at their assigned release time – 3:10, 3:20, or 3:30. They will be waiting in their designated loop for pick up. 

** Carpool registration can be done by filling out the online form using the button at the top of this page, or through the online Express Check-In process parents complete when registering students for school each July.  During the fall Open House in August, please come to the carpool information table to make your color-coded carpool signs, pick up maps if needed, and get answers to your specific questions.    


We are very pleased with the efficiency and convenience this carpool system affords us. Thank you for doing your part by arranging your carpools early and having younger students practice quickly buckling and unbuckling their safety seats. All families new to PCK will be given instructions and assistance, and someone may even contact you about joining or forming a carpool.

To reduce parked cars and confusion leading up to afternoon carpool, parents needing to pick up children earlier than the assigned time for your carpool are asked to do so at the front office by 2:45pm.

waytogo  Opt-In Process

🚗  🚌  🚙  Looking for help getting your student to and from school?
🎼  🏀  🎮  Need a ride for the days your student has after-school activities?
🙋  🙋  🚙  Want to make new friends on the way to school? 

Parker Core Knowledge is pleased to partner with Schoolpool, a free program to make it easier to get to school and activities through carpooling. 

Why consider carpooling? Carpooling has a number of different benefits for Parker Core Knowledge. 

Signing up for Schoolpool is free, easy, and secure! There is no cost to participate. Your information will only be shared with families from our school. To maintain the highest level of privacy and security, Parker Core Knowledge’s registration link is unique to families attending our school.

RTD Logo

Some of our students use the Parker Call-n-Ride service through RTD. This may be an option for your family. 

The Call-n-Ride is a small RTD bus that operates within a specific area of Parker and is open to the general public. The after-school route is south on Pine, east on Mainstreet, then south on Canterberry Parkway to Hilltop Road. Depending on demand, the bus may go off the main street to drop off points in the neighborhood. The routing will be based on the most efficient route serving the most students. Service will be provided on normal school days only. Service is not provided on early release days. To use this service, you must have a reservation. 

There are only 14 spots available and they fill up quickly. Please include your name, your child’s name, your phone number, and your home address where the child will be dropped off after school. Confirmations for your seat and the drop-off location will be sent via e-mail.

Please use the button below for more information or call 303-299-6000 and press 0 to speak to a Customer Care Team member to schedule a ride. 

If you have questions and/or concerns about our drop-off or pick-up process, don't hesitate to contact our carpool coordinator via email at or call 303-840-7070.