Parker Core Knowledge is an official Core Knowledge school and follows the authorized scope and sequence at the elementary and middle school levels. Core Knowledge provides a carefully sequenced set of skills and content with an emphasis on the knowledge that is most useful and productive for children living in American society today. Through the Core Knowledge book series, parents have a clear outline of what children are expected to learn in school. You can learn more about the Core Knowledge Philosophy on their website here.

Each book in the Core Knowledge book series is titled What Your __ Grader Needs to Know.



Instruction is individualized for students by dividing them into three math levels per grade. All levels are advanced by one year, some moving faster and going deeper than others. The curriculum used is Into Math in grades P-5 and for the most advanced 5th grade class. This program is designed to be a particularly good fit for advanced learners.


Core Knowledge Language Arts (CKLA) is used in grades P-5 for reading instruction. In addition, we cover the novels, stories, poetry, myths, literary terms, dramas, speeches, sayings, and phrases included in the Core Knowledge sequence.


Writing is an area of special focus for all grade levels. All teachers are trained in Step Up to Writing and deliver consistent instruction in all grades.


These topics provide the ‘content backbone’ of the school, making each grade unique and special for the students. High-interest activities like a Renaissance Fair, Castle Day, Pioneer Day, Poetry Cafe, Science Fair, and building-wide science investigations make for exciting and fun-filled learning!


Students learn art history and appreciation. Our art room provides ample space for hands-on experiences in multiple media, including pottery wheels and ceramics. In music class, students learn elements of music, musical history and traditions, and to play various instruments.


Students take Spanish from 1st grade through 5th grade. At the 6th grade level, they advance into high school level classes.


Students learn the fundamentals of technology. Our technology labs are equipped with Chromebooks that students use to explore’s thorough suite of lessons about software, hardware, and more.

Middle School