Dress Code

The PCK Dress Code is included in our Parent Handbook as follows:


Revised 4/27/21

In accordance with the Charter Application approved by the Douglas County School District for ParkerCore Knowledge (PCK), a dress code has been established to minimize socioeconomic and competitive differences among students. All students are required to follow the dress code.

Dennis Uniform (www.dennisuniform.com) is the preferred provider of our uniforms. However, JC Penney has been approved as an alternate vendor for middle school khaki pants and shorts. All khakis from JC Penney must be khaki and not dark khaki.

You may choose to buy uniform items at various retailers and/or uniform vendors, however, Christopher Plaid items and all outerwear worn inside the building must be purchased from Dennis Uniform. Not everything each retailer/uniform vendor offers will meet our dress code guidelines. If the article of clothing is not defined in these guidelines, it is not approved. All articles of clothing must match approved colors as shown on the front bulletin board.

The School Director has final determination of acceptability for ANY dress code issues in question.

Dennis Uniform

8600 Park Meadows Drive School Code:C32

Lone Tree, CO 80124


JC Penney

Park Meadows Mall



JC Penney

Southlands Shopping Center


Uniforms in good condition may be passed on or resold to other students as your child outgrows them. PCK traditionally has Used Uniform Sales during different events (ie. conferences, Open Houses) through out the year.

In addition to the specified clothing, a neat and clean appearance is mandatory.

The following guidelines have been established:


A minimum amount of jewelry is acceptable.

Girls may only wear one post earring per earlobe.

For safety reasons, no dangling or hoop-style earrings are allowed at school (including dress down days).

Boys may not wear earrings.

Nose rings, other facial jewelry, visible tattoos, and writing on the skin are STRICTLY PROHIBITED.

One necklace and/or one bracelet and/or non-SMART watch (that is compliant with section 4.1 – Student owned electronic devices) may be worn.


Hair must be kept neat, groomed, and clean cut.

Hairstyles and accessories must be non-distracting.

Bangs cannot cover eyes.

Hair color must be a natural color. Hair may not be dyed, even temporarily, any color that is not considered ‘natural’ for hair (i.e. purple, green, pink, blue, etc.).

Stripes; carvings, or other distracting hair styles or color changes are not permitted.


Must be neat and well trimmed at all times and fall above the shirt collar.

Boys hair may not be worn in a ponytail, braids, Mohawk, rat tails, tall spikes, or shaved with words, symbols, or initials.


May wear non-distracting hair accessories, such as headbands, ribbons, scrunchies, or barrettes, in school colors (forest green, navy blue, white, yellow, light blue, brown, black, gold, silver, or Christopher plaid).


Hats are not allowed to be worn in the school building as per DCSD policy, and may only be worn outside for weather protection (e.g. cold weather, strong sun protection, etc.)


The length of shorts, skorts, and skirts must fall past the fingertips when the wearer fully extends his/her arms and fingers at his/her sides.

K-8 girls may wear the Christopher Plaid skort and skirt from Dennis Uniform, including the flat front skort (BOD approval 11/10/11).

7 & 8th grade girls may also wear the khaki skort, which must be from Dennis Uniform or match the style of the Dennis Skort.

No other skorts are acceptable.


Pants must be navy blue (students in grades 7 & 8 ONLY may also wear khaki pants: please see the exception below), in one of two uniform styles:

  • Pleated front with side pocket or

  • Flat front with side pockets.

  • Pants with patch pockets and cargo pant styles are not acceptable.

Navy uniform-style pants/shorts may be purchased from any supplier as long as the style is the same as Dennis Uniform pants/shorts.

Pants must be clean and neat.

Pants with torn knees or other visible rips MAY NOT be worn.

Pants that have faded excessively or appear overly worn are not permitted.

Pants with belt loops must be worn with a belt.

Pants may not be worn lower than the waist.

Pants are to be appropriately fitted to the student. Overly large or baggy pants are not permitted. Underwear may not show.

Middle School Only Exception: 7th and 8th grade may also wear khaki pants, shorts, and skorts. Khaki pants and shorts MUST be purchased from one of our two approved providers (Dennis Uniform or JC Penney, and must be khaki, not dark khaki). The khaki skort must be or match the one provided by Dennis Uniforms. NO OTHER BRAND/COLOR OF KHAKI PANTS, SHORTS, OR SKORTS ARE PERMITTED. Dennis Uniforms and JC Penney are the only suppliers for permitted khakis (MS only).


Polo style knit shirts, turtlenecks and mock turtlenecks (11/10/11) in the following school colors are acceptable: navy, white, forest green, pale yellow, and light blue.

Oxford, button-down shirts are also acceptable in the appropriate colors as sold by Dennis Uniform.

All students must have one white uniform shirt with the PCK logo for PCK Spirit days.

Please refer to PCK uniform display for clarification on style and color.

Collars should be plain without scallops or decorated edges.

Shirts and blouses MUST be clean, neat, and tucked into pants, shorts, skorts, or skirts AT ALL TIMES to maintain a neat appearance. Exception: Dennis Uniform 3/4 sleeve blouse.


In addition to the specified uniform tops, students may also wear the Dennis uniform sweaters, and other approved PCK logo outerwear only. PCK spirit wear and athletic wear are not part of the school uniform and may not be worn in class.

Sweatshirts may not be worn without an approved uniform shirt underneath.

Sweatshirts need to be clean, the correct size for the student, not oversized and free of holes and tears.

Dennis Uniform cardigans need to have the logo embroidered on the front left chest in order to meet dress code policy.

Jackets, sweaters, and any other non-uniform sweatshirts may not be worn in the building except on designated dress down days. This includes PCK spirit wear and athletic wear.

Navy blue blazers (available from French Toast Uniforms) may be worn by either boys or girls. In addition, a tie (either bow tie or regular) in either Christopher Plaid, navy, or hunter green may also be worn. (BOD revision 9/8/14)

Students may wear a Dennis Uniforms or Lands End (Lands End Girls Item #393712-BQ9 or Boys Item #393714-BQ8) classic navy full zip hooded sweatshirt with the PCK logo. If the Lands End sweatshirt is purchased, families are required to get the approved PCK logo applied at an approved vendor. (BOD revision 9/14/15)

Embroidered personalization is allowed on the hood or near the cuff of any approved outerwear. (BOD revision 9/14/15)

Middle School Only: In addition to the aforementioned requirements, the Middle School students will have the option to purchase and wear additional PCK approved outerwear found on the website. (OC 8/18/11)


Must be in a matching pair.

No sandals or open-toe shoes, heels, or boots are permitted.

Snow boots, hiking boots, and rain boots are ONLY permitted during extreme weather. If worn to school, be sure to send another appropriate pair of shoes for student to change into once they arrive at school.

Uniform shoes must be either solid colored or two-colored in white, black, brown, blue, or gray, and they may have a third color from the approved palate as an ACCENT on the stitching, tabs, or soles of the shoe. In some cases this will mean that a shoe actually has three colors, with the 3rd color (from the approved color palate of white, black, brown, blue, and gray) being the accent color. (BOD Revision 7/16/13)

Minimal logos are allowed in the specified color

Shoe soles must be non-marking.

Athletic shoes are required for P.E. and as such are the preferred shoe of PCK.

Moccasins and/or slippers are not considered suitable uniform shoes and, therefore, may not be worn to school. (BOD revision 12/9/10)

The following are unacceptable on uniform approved shoes

  • Flashing lights

  • Electronics

  • Character Logos (i.e. Spider Man, Disney, Barbie) of any kind

  • Plaid

  • Checkered

  • Neon

  • Striped

  • Camo

  • Polka Dotted Patterns

  • Glitter or Bling

  • Animal Prints

  • Anything deemed as offensive or inappropriate in a school environment

Middle School Only: All athletic shoes must have a body color of black, brown, grey, blue, or white. Accent colors in any solid color are acceptable. Shoe laces must coordinate with the shoe and be free of decoration. (BOD 8/18/11)

To receive an exemption regarding footwear, the student will need a medical excuse and/or an exception granted by the Director.


Socks, leggings, and tights must be worn in a solid, coordinated color to match the Christopher Plaid colors (navy, forest green, black, or white.)

Leggings may be worn under skirts and jumpers, and must be ankle length to be acceptable.

Fishnet tights or leggings with any pattern are not acceptable.

Socks must also be worn with leggings.

All socks need to be a matching pair of the same color: navy, forest green, black, or white.

Middle School Only: All socks must have a solid body color of black, brown, grey, blue, white, or forest green. Up to two (2) accent colors in any solid color are acceptable. Brand logos, such as the Nike “swoosh,” Adidas stripes, Under Armor insignia, etc. are allowed. Graphics, designs, themes, characters, and patterns that cover the majority of the sock are not allowed. (BOD approved 12/9/13)


First grade through eighth grade students must wear a black, brown, white, navy, or light blue belt with uniform pants and shorts that have belt loops.

Chain belts are not allowed.

In kindergarten, belts are optional if your child cannot buckle/unbuckle without assistance.


Nails shall be neat in appearance and well groomed.

Girls are permitted to wear clear or natural looking nail polish.

False nails of any kind (including acrylic) are not allowed.

Middle School Only: The PCK dress code for nail polish applies to the middle school with the following exception: Girls are permitted to wear colored nail polish, and must have the same solid color on all fingernails. The following colors are NOT ALLOWED: Black, Metallic (of any kind), Neon, Patterned (checkered, striped, plaid, crackled, etc.) or logos/decals. (BOD 8/18/11)


Only light, natural looking make-up may be worn in grades 7-8.

No dark or Gothic style make-up is allowed.

Students in grades K-6 may not wear make-up.


“Dress Down Days” are a privilege and must be treated as such.

Cleanliness and neatness of appearance are important at all times.

The School Director has final determination of acceptability for ANY dress code issues in question.

The School Director schedules all school dress down days. Typically, there is one all-school dress down day per month, and Middle School has one additional dress down day per month.

Additional dress down days may be scheduled for various rewards, holidays, or incentives at the discretion of the School Director.

Dress down days will be announced at the end of the day as a reminder to all students.

In addition, the PCK website will also note any all-school dress down days.

Individual classroom dress down days that are approved by the School Director will not be communicated via the Thursday Newsletter; teachers will generally announce this to the class or communicate it to parents.

Dress code for other school functions, social events, and evening school activities (i.e., Middle School socials and athletics) also follows this policy.

The following dress down guidelines have been established:

No torn or ripped clothing.

No dirty clothing.

No overly loose or tight clothing (no larger than one size larger or smaller than normal fitting).

No underwear visible at any time.

No clothing that features alcohol, drug, or gang references.

No halters, mesh, or otherwise see-through clothing if any kind.

No bare midriffs.

Non-athletic leggings may only be worn if under a skirt, dress, or long tunic that covers the student’s bottom.

Straps or sleeves must be at least 1 inches wide. Camis may not be worn as shirts alone.

No slip-on shoes. Sandals, clogs, etc. must have a strap that securely fastens the shoe to the foot.

Shorts, skorts, and skirts must fall past the fingertips when the wearer fully extends his/her arms and fingers at his/her sides.

Jeans and t-shirts are acceptable if the above guidelines are followed.

No clothing that is offensive or disruptive to the learning environment.

No hoops or dangling earrings (safety concern).


Compliance with the dress code is mandatory. Parents are encouraged to help students monitor dress code compliance. Violations of the dress code will result in the loss of dress down day privileges for the student.

Dress code violations will be tracked in the following manner:

If a student arrives at school, or later in the day is noted with a dress code violation, the student will be sent to the front office to have the violation logged. After three dress code violations, the student will lose their dress down day privilege during the month the third violation occurred.

Students who lose their dress down day privilege for the month will be expected to arrive in full uniform on the designated dress down day. Students who fail to arrive in proper attire will sit at the front office until a parent brings their uniform. If a parent cannot be reached, or if a parent is unable to bring a uniform, students will spend the day at the front office (class work will be brought to them).

Students who repeatedly lose their dress down day privilege due to daily dress code violations will lose their dress down privilege for the remainder of the school year after four (4) lost dress down days (or 12 dress code violations.) Adopted: Revised July 2006