Latest Assembly – Honesty

Mrs. Daniels takes us on a journey through time, meeting up with the founding fathers on her way to learning more about why it is so important to be honest. Afterward, Mrs. Aplin hands out character awards to students who showed outstanding character in the month of November.


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August  – 3Rs

I will value others, respect differences, treat people the way I want to be treated, keep my commitments, not make excuses, do my best.

September – Flexibility

Definition: Adjusting to change with a good attitude.

I will anticipate change, adjust when needed, look for the benefits, finish the job, and do what is right.

October – Courage

Definition: Overcoming fear so I can do what is right.
I will know the truth, get help when I am afraid, do what is right, be willing to stand alone, and help those who are bullied or abused.

November – Generosity

Definition: Being careful with what I have so that I can share.

I will share what I have with others, save in order to be able to give, not expect anything in return, give of my time and talents, and be kind and encouraging.

December – Patience

Definition: Waiting without getting upset.

I will wait my turn, not complain when I don’t get my way, accept what cannot be changed, use my time wisely, and try again.

January – Self-Control

Definition: Choosing to do what is right, even when I don’t feel like it.
I will think before I act, control my temper, respect others and their belongings, sit still and be quiet, and build healthy habits.

February – Forgiveness

Definition: Letting go of bitterness and revenge.
I will acknowledge the pain, choose to forgive, not seek revenge, ask for forgiveness when I do wrong, and move on with life.

March – Obedience

Definition: Doing my duty with a good attitude.
I will follow instructions quickly, complete what I am expected to do, have a cheerful attitude, go the “extra mile,” and not obey a wrong command.

April – Honesty

Definition: Being truthful in what I say and do.
I will tell the truth, play by the rules, not exaggerate the facts, admit when I am wrong, and not take things that don’t belong to me.

May – Loyalty

Definition: Showing my commitment through difficult times.
I will care about people, keep my commitments, encourage others in the right direction, help those in need, and serve my community.

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