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Parker Core Knowledge is an official Core Knowledge school and follows the authorized scope and sequence at the elementary and middle school levels. Core Knowledge provides a carefully sequenced set of skills and content with an emphasis on the knowledge that is most useful and productive for children living in American society today. Through the series What your Grader Needs to Know, parents have a clear outline of what children are expected to learn in school.

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Parker Core Knowledge teaches all Grade Level Expectations and administers all standardized testing mandated by the state of Colorado.

Middle School Highlights

Parker Core Knowledge Middle School is a Colorado Department of Education John Irwin School of Excellence.


Like at the elementary level, students are grouped in three levels, the highest of which achieves the Gifted and Talented programming placement in High School.

Language Arts / Writing

Extensive reading of classic novels as detailed in the Core Knowledge sequence. Extensive writing instruction.

Science, History and Geography

Science, History and Geography aim to teach the broadly shared background knowledge that all literate Americans need to know (Cultural Literacy, 1987, E.D.Hirsch)

Foreign Language

Students have the opportunity to complete two high school foreign language credits in Spanish.


Students have the choice of furthering their interests in the areas of Art, Music, Technology, Science, and Physical Education. One example of a popular elective is Choir, which puts on a yearly musical program of high school quality.

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