Students will be considered for admission to PCK (K-8) on a first come, first served basis with the exceptions as stated in the Waiting List Policies. A student will stay on the wait list until admitted to school, declined by a parent, or if the school is unable to contact the family either by mail or phone. Contact information must be kept current for all waitlisted students. At the end of the each school year, waitlisted students will be automatically moved to the next grade level. There is no need to re-submit another Letter of Intent (LOI).

Non-district Residency: Enrollment at PCK shall be open to any child who resides within the DCSD and, if space permits, to any child who resides outside the School District, subject to compliance with Colorado public school of choice status, DCSD policy, and PCK’s Contract with DCSD. When PCK has more applicants than it has space, preference shall be given to students who reside within the School District. Students shall be selected from PCK’s Wait List on a first-come, first-served basis, with priority given to district residents. If a non-district student is accepted for enrollment, this student may enroll for subsequent years until completing his or her schooling at Parker Core Knowledge. (BOD 5/15/17)

Residency requirement applies at the time of enrollment. Non-district residents may complete a letter of intent to be added to the wait list.

If a child enrolled at PCK becomes a non-district resident, they will not forfeit their enrollment status.

Preschool and Jr. Kindergarten Program

For those families interested in attending preschool and junior kindergarten, click here to visit the preschool website information.

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