August  – 3Rs

I will value others, respect differences, treat people the way I want to be treated, keep my commitments, not make excuses, do my best.

September – Orderliness

Definition: Arranging myself and my surroundings to achieve greater efficiency

I will clean up after myself, put things where they belong, avoid clutter, not litter, do things in the right order.

October – Determination

Definition: Overcoming obstacles in order to reach my goal
I will set the right goals, get moving, face challenges, not be discouraged by failure, keep trying.

November – Compassion

Definition: Helping those who are hurting

I will notice when others are hurting; stop to help; take time to listen; do what I can; be kind, regardless of differences.

December – Honesty

Definition: Being truthful in what I say and do

I will tell the truth, play by the rules, not exaggerate the facts, admit when I am wrong, not take things that don’t belong to me.

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January – Enthusiasm

Definition: Expressing joy in each task as I give it my best effort
I will be an “energy-giver,” smile, encourage others, treat every job as important, not be discouraged by failure.

February – Diligence

Definition: Focusing my effort on the work at hand
I will concentrate on my work, follow instructions, do a job right, finish my projects, not be lazy.

March – Attentiveness

Definition: Showing the worth of a person or task by giving my undivided attention
I will look at people when they speak to me, ask questions if I don’t understand, sit or stand up straight, not draw attention to myself, not be distracted by others.

April – Gratefulness

Definition: Showing appreciation for what I have
I will appreciate the people in my life, say “please” and “thank you,” enjoy what I have instead of complaining about what I don’t have, take care of my belongings, write thank you notes.

May – Wisdom

Definition: Applying truth to my daily decisions
I will listen to my parents and teachers; learn from mistakes; choose my friends carefully; consider the consequences; ask, “What is the right thing to do?”

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