August  – 3Rs

I will value others, respect differences, treat people the way I want to be treated, keep my commitments, not make excuses, do my best.

September – Flexibility

Definition: Adjusting to change with a good attitude.

I will anticipate change, adjust when needed, look for the benefits, finish the job, and do what is right.

October – Courage

Definition: Overcoming fear so I can do what is right.
I will know the truth, get help when I am afraid, do what is right, be willing to stand alone, and help those who are bullied or abused.

November – Generosity

Definition: Being careful with what I have so that I can share.

I will share what I have with others, save in order to be able to give, not expect anything in return, give of my time and talents, and be kind and encouraging.

December – Patience

Definition: Waiting without getting upset.

I will wait my turn, not complain when I don’t get my way, accept what cannot be changed, use my time wisely, and try again.

January – Self-Control

Definition: Choosing to do what is right, even when I don’t feel like it.
I will think before I act, control my temper, respect others and their belongings, sit still and be quiet, and build healthy habits.

February – Forgiveness

Definition: Letting go of bitterness and revenge.
I will acknowledge the pain, choose to forgive, not seek revenge, ask for forgiveness when I do wrong, and move on with life.

March – Obedience

Definition: Doing my duty with a good attitude.
I will follow instructions quickly, complete what I am expected to do, have a cheerful attitude, go the “extra mile,” and not obey a wrong command.

April – Honesty

Definition: Being truthful in what I say and do.
I will tell the truth, play by the rules, not exaggerate the facts, admit when I am wrong, and not take things that don’t belong to me.

May – Loyalty

Definition: Showing my commitment through difficult times.
I will care about people, keep my commitments, encourage others in the right direction, help those in need, and serve my community.

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